Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 3, 2010 Zone Conference

Missionaries making sure their bags are packed with some emergency supplies. (Not sure what the look on my face was for.)

The Assistants Elders Grow and Mortensen baked a cake for Elder Balhorn's birthday. Bottom left picture is a line up of the birthday people for June and July.

Zone Conference seemed to be enjoyed by all, exceptional presentations were given by the missionary leaders and Elder Bell.

Sister Davis in Athens put together an emergency pack for each of the missionaries. In the top left of the picture Sister Sorensen had a line up to show different ways to use a piece of material. Some examples were a head covering, a sling, protection for nose and mouth(that's me). They also had food, flashlight, laminated copies of important identity papers and much more.

One More Picture of the Baptism

Ron was about to be baptized in that glorious Mediterranean sea. With him from left to right are President Higgins, Elder Steeby, Ron and Elder Bavelas. Nothing can hide the smiles and the joy of such a momentous occasion. Rashida Charles, Mission Pres. Charles' wife, mentioned that at last Zone Conference, they heard that Elder Steeby had just finished reading the Book of Mormon in Greek. "What a great achievement, we are very impressed well done!"