Tuesday, August 9, 2011

July 17th - My Report to the Ward

My family came to support me.

Some great friends came too.

July 16th - Welcome Home Party

And the fireworks topped off the evening.

The kids were enjoying the evening.

Oh, Uncle Herb....

Mom and Laura made me a cake.

Late July 11th in Missouri

It's good to be home.

Talking to the sister who wasn't here to meet me.

Not the clearest but 1st shot off the plane.

July 11th - Return Home

Last shot at airport.

Bags are packed outside Mission Home.

July 10th - Mars Hill for the last time

It was searing hot but the spirit was so strong as we gathered for the final time on Mars Hill where the Apostle Paul taught.

Testimonies were borne through tears shed for a battle fought and won. They all 'Return with Honour', yet remain forever in our hearts.

July 9th

Sister Charles wanted some last minute pictures. We are quite the group.

It is impossible to convey the feelings and thoughts expressed at this meeting. We do know that our association is eternal, and wherever we are in this world, the Greece Athens Mission binds us together forever.

July 8th - Back to Athens for Last Days

Leonidas lunch - we had to eat.

We gathered together to share some last thoughts that will hopefully keep us in good stead for our lives at home.