Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan 25th - Prep Day Bowling

Today we went zone bowling. I actually took home the title of best bowler! All those years of bowling with grandma finally paid off. I averaged like a 120ish. Pretty good for not having bowled in years.

It has gotten much colder at night so I have busted out the trench coat. It snowed on me today! Just flurries but snow.

Never in my life have I been so mentally, physically, and emotionally drained everyday when I come home to sleep at night. We literally are running from one place to the next. I am constantly trying to pick up on the language just because of the things that will be required of me very shortly. I have 8 hours to rest then I am back at it again. There is no end. Even my prep day is running from point a to b as fast as we can with no end. But I still love every minute of being here and wouldn't have it any other way.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Athens Zone Conference Jan 13th

The Acropoli Branch held Zone Conference. Elder Bell gave a presentation entitled 'Missionary Traps'. Looking at the pictures you might wonder what people are up to. Bottom right Elder Stephenson proves he can touch the ceiling, the picture on the left shows President Taylor trying to touch the ceiling!! President Charles invited Sister Tolonen and Elders Baker and Palm to the front. Don't know what's happening in the group photo, is President giving Elder Harris a piggy back?? I never found out whether Elder Lindfors was measuring or folding his scarf? Elder Lindfors is my companion, he is from Finland.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I love Greece!

The weather has gotten cooler here. Around 60. I love every minute of being here and wouldn't have it any other way. Above is a picture I like to refer to as the true rewards of missionary work. A gyro the size of my head.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hadrians arch

Acropolis at night taken from church building

Mars Hill

Up at 6 a.m. for Mars Hill with Sisters Simmons and Christensen and Elders Steeby, Wells and Balhorn.

Acropoli December 24th

I made it to GREECE!

The VISA's finally came through the week before Christmas. We left December 21st from Georgia and flew to Salt Lake City to meet up with other missionaries and flew on to Paris. We finally arrived in Athens Greece late December 22nd.