Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Great Week

It has just been a great week. I am still in Pafos but I am with Elder Lohman now. He is from Sweden and a really great guy. I got to confirm Ron yesterday. On Thursday they took us to get my first "fish and chips" then on Wednesday we had a great lesson with them on the temple and the priesthood and they are already planning the trip for next year to get sealed. It is one of the best feelings in the world to know that you have baptized someone that is going to be an active member of the church for the rest of his life. Otherwise this week was a lot of goodbyes and it just goes to show that you never know how much of an impact you make on someone else's life. When we had English class on Sunday the Sri Lankans almost cried to know that my comp was leaving. But were relieved to know that I was staying and someone new was coming in.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Monday, June 21st - Baptism!

A picture is worth a thousand words. And some words mean eternal life and exaltation. We were so excited to baptize Ron on June 21st at 430. The water was crystal clear and beautiful. Some little moments can make your entire mission. And that was one of them. I will be confirming him on Sunday, assuming I am still here. Transfers are this week, but no word on movement yet. This was absolutely my best week yet.

From June 14th

Today (June 14th) we went to the monastery Kykkos. It was a beautiful drive there and back. The building is on the side of a mountain and is fairly old. They have these amazing mosaics. They also made me wear a robe because my shorts weren't long enough. The pictures in that place were amazing. This week we also had a day where all we did was teach lessons from knocking, that never happens. We taught 5 lessons that day and got several contacts to go back to. It was an awesome feeling. It just goes to show the Lord has his time and He will bless us when He feels it is right.

From May 31st

We biked to Payea this week. It is 15km away. We thought the ride would be hours but only took us about 45 min. We got up there and had no idea of where we were going so we decided to get a map. We wandered around till we found the town hall and bought one. Then started knocking doors. We started in a Cypriot neighborhood. Amazingly, they had never heard of Jehovah's witnesses or us. Because of that they were friendly and inviting. We were able to have some lessons and things went well. Then for lunch we bought a watermelon and ate it. Also a few snacks. It was the perfect summertime meal. Then we knocked some British communities. It was an awesome day. We went on a zone trip to a waterfall on May 31st. It was really beautiful and we had lots of fun.