Saturday, June 26, 2010

From May 31st

We biked to Payea this week. It is 15km away. We thought the ride would be hours but only took us about 45 min. We got up there and had no idea of where we were going so we decided to get a map. We wandered around till we found the town hall and bought one. Then started knocking doors. We started in a Cypriot neighborhood. Amazingly, they had never heard of Jehovah's witnesses or us. Because of that they were friendly and inviting. We were able to have some lessons and things went well. Then for lunch we bought a watermelon and ate it. Also a few snacks. It was the perfect summertime meal. Then we knocked some British communities. It was an awesome day. We went on a zone trip to a waterfall on May 31st. It was really beautiful and we had lots of fun.

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