Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Evening View of Athens

Last Thursday, we fell victim to some transit strikes so we were without a way to get to our area. So we decided to go and knock some doors for our roommates. We go out to where they asked us to and then my companion said it was too noisy and we should go a little further up the hill. So we do and I see this beautiful view of a piece of Athens and get out my camera. So that's the picture. Then I decide to go further up the hill to get a better picture. My companion decides that we should knock our way up the hill. So we start and we come to the top of the next hill and it was too dark for another picture so I just go and its my turn to knock the next building. So I am sitting there pushing the buttons on the buzzer board and getting nowhere. Then after hitting 30 of the 40 buzzers I come to one and I do my approach and at the end I ask if they have 5 minutes and this guy actually said yes then let us in. I might add of the rarity of this occasion. My companion has never had this happen to him. No one lets you in legitimately from a buzzer board approach. It just doesn't work that way. But we go up and this Albanian family sits down and hears our whole lesson intently and agreed to hear more! It was such an amazing experience.

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