Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Transferred to Pafos, Cyprus

Meeting those coming in from Cyprus and sending out those who will be serving there (including me). On to new adventures.... Pafos, Cyprus is a tiny little town on the ocean. It is just me and my companion Elder Bavelas and a senior couple there so it should be interesting. A few fun facts - Cyprus has the last remaining divided capital city. Half of the island is Greek Cypriot and the other half is Turkish. Cyprus is famous for its tourism, which comes mostly from the British. They speak Greek that is equivalent to Swiss German. So they understand Greek but Greeks don't understand them. As for the work, we have 4 branches on Cyprus and they are very strong. On a clear day form the other side of the island you can actually see Israel. We are the closest mission in the world to Jerusalem.

At the airport, grabbing a quick bite to eat before we separate.

Here we are at Mars Hill one last time before transfers saying goodbye to friends and the beautiful city of Athens. There are several more pictures of this on the mission president's wife's blogspot: Greeceathensmission.blogspot.com

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