Monday, November 1, 2010

October 10th

So this week we received a call on Wednesday to give service. We were only told where and not what we were doing. It was someone claiming to have known missionaries before. So we made our journey up to where she lived. When we get there the house is a mess and she starts explaining to me what we will be doing. She wanted us to change shirts and then we were going to organize her house. She refused to let us do it in our white shirts so we changed and started sorting. It was the most disorganized and disgusting house. But finally after we finished the kitchen, she took us back into her daughters' room. Her two daughters are like 10 and 9. And she wanted us to sort and fold and pack away all of her daughters summer clothes and get out the winter ones. So many of the clothes hadn't been washed and it was just terrible. She had no idea what she wanted either so she would randomly change her mind. Finally she insisted on feeding us so we grabbed it and ran out. We told our leaders and discussed it and it was decided we would not be going back there again. Just another test of our faith.

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