Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feb 6th, 2011

A few weeks ago, the car I was driving was broken into and my bag was stolen. It had only the minor things like my passport and residency papers. Oh and my wallet and license. But this week, I miraculously was able to complete all the forms and paperwork to get the replacements for all of them. I say miraculousness because most Greek government offices make the post office seem like a nascar speed way of efficiency. But it also rained this week. Everyday in fact. But I was happy because I had gotten my paperwork that I needed to go to Cyprus for a conference. But on the night before we left we came home to our apartment and found that our floor was covered in about 3 inches of water. The whole place was soaked. So we began saving what we could and began to search for a way to remove the water. We tried as hard as we could but couldn't do anything. It seemed insurmountable. There was no way we were going to be able to clean the place and get the water out in order to go to Cyprus the next day. A repairman finally came after I tried for hours to locate a non-existent door to a pump in 6 inches of water in pouring rain. But we didn't give up. We realized what we had to do. We asked for help from the people that lived up stairs and we got the help we needed to clean and remove all the water we could before finally calling it a night with small puddles on the floor. When we woke up the next morning, all the water was gone. We were able to pack and be ready to go and we made our flight to Cyprus. Now I can tell you we couldn't have done that on our own. We had to do all that we could and ask help so we were really doing all that we could. Then the Lord blessed us with the rest. I can promise you that is exactly how it works every time. When we have done all that we can, the Lord will provide the rest as long as we are doing what he would have us do.

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