Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week of Aug. 29

This week has meant lots of changes for me. I am now back in Athens. I am in the area called Halandri. Its in the north. It was formerly closed for a few months and that has made my life rather difficult. We are starting from scratch. We don't know where anything is and we have to figure out something so we don't get lost. My new companion is 6 months out. He is from England as well. His name is Elder Deeley. Together we have the most e's in our names of any companionship. He is really cool. We have spent most of the day cleaning our new apartment. It was a mess from the last elders leaving in a hurry. Otherwise my week was really good. We finished strong but I miss Pafos. I gave a presentation on America for family night. It was fun.

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