Monday, June 13, 2011

June 6th, 2011

This week, we had an absolutely amazing lesson with these two couples from Bulgaria. They have been being taught for a while but they are a bit hard to handle because they love to talk and talk in Bulgarian so you can't even bridge the subject back. You just have to interrupt and force it back. But this week we got to have a lesson with them and watch the Restoration DVD with them in Bulgarian. They were speechless, they all just watched it and partook of the spirit that accompanies it. It was amazing the change in them afterwards. They were calm and attentive. They even wanted to pray to make sure that what they saw was true. We are really excited for them now. On a different note today was zone paint ball. In commemoration of the anniversary of D day, I took a picture of me shooting an Italian. They were axis too, but there wasn't a German around to get an authentic picture.

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