Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 20th -Zone Conference in Cyprus

We had zone conference and district conference for Cyprus this weekend. The pictures below Sis Charles took. This week was pretty darn good. We finally finished contacting as many as we could of the last missionaries contacts and then we knew if we wanted success we needed to go out and get our own investigators and we needed them quickly. So that is what we did. On Tuesday we went and tried the last contact who wasn't home or didn't live at that address. So we decided to ride outside the city a bit to an area that I had found Cypriots in last year. And we were truly blessed. We hadn't been having a great day but then when we got there, Cypriots just started to listen to us a little by little. They started taking flyers and handouts, and then we even got one that asked if they could have a book of Mormon in Russian. So we will go back there this week. Then as we knocked this one street and came to the end, we found a family that the wife had some interest but the husband thought we were Jehovah's witnesses. So we gave them a pass along card and left. We hadn't even gotten back to the end of the street and our phone rings. My companion answers and it was some one we didn't recognize. Sure enough it was that family. The wife had convinced the husband we weren't Jehovah's witnesses and to listen to us. So we went back and had a great lesson. They are an amazing open family and they have a couple kids. We are so excited to go back and continue teaching them. Then as we walked back to our bikes, we still had a little time so we knocked another building. We came to a door with music blaring so loud you couldn't hear the door bell. A young man came to the door and as we started to shout to him our message he turns off the music and invited us in. It was another amazing lesson. He was also a Cypriot and he is excited to come to church next week. We were so amazingly blessed this week and we are hoping and praying that we get the chance to help these people into the gospel.

We have to eat!

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