Tuesday, January 11, 2011

December 6th

This week, I started driving. I don't think that you can comprehend the amount of nerve that takes. If you have ever seen a clip of driving in Greece or Italy (roughly the same), they are the worst drivers you have ever seen. Speed limits do not exist. Stop lights are optional if you flash your head lights to make sure you wont get hit. One way streets are only the direction you want to go. Streets do not have to be 2 car widths wide to drive 2 cars down them at the same a time while having a 3rd parked on the side walk. Side walks are for cars, not people. Hazard lights can be renamed, do whatever-i-want lights. Because you can, do whatever you want as long as they are on. Including stopping in the middle of the road. The little car that I drive is absolutely tiny. There is basically no back seat and the trunk is nonexistent. It is an automatic so its basically the equivalent of a 4 man go cart. Then comes the van. The van is roughly the size of my old pickup truck. Its a stick, and lucky for me I still remember how to drive it. We had to take a washing machine to the sisters apartment this week. Driving the van where I live isn't so bad. The streets are wide and not much traffic. But it was a miracle that I got that van down some of those streets. Its like the magic car from Harry Potter. It can fly and it can magically change sizes. I say it can fly because it is a 6 speed with turbo. It is much too fast for a van. But it is terrifying as the motorcycles zoom past you as you sit in traffic. They believe the dotted line is a lane specially for motorcycles and that the shoulder is also a lane used to relieve traffic. I can only hope that i will be the first driver in the mission to never have an accident. So far the odds are against me.

Working with the President at the office.

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