Sunday, January 23, 2011

Training in Cyprus - Jan 16

As for this week, we had a quite humerus adventure in Cyprus this week. On a side note we did give an epic presentation while we were there. My companion gave some nice quotes on obedience then I just hammered down and made the rules unquestionable. It was very powerful. But the story I want to tell you is about a sign. For the past year or so we have been trying to get good signs for all of our buildings in Cyprus. Well finally about two days before we got there they arrived and were installed. On the day we got there, a nice Cypriot man came up to us and started yelling at President because our sign looks like a tomb stone and is driving away business to his medical clinic. A fair statement as the Cypriots are highly superstitious and also it did look like a tomb stone. So after my presentation, president calls me over to go take pictures with him of the sign. We go outside only to find out, someone stole our sign! It did solve a problem for us as we were going to have to take it down. But we don't know where it is now. We also had it attached to a wall that wasn't ours which didn't help the situation.

This is at the start of the second day of training. President resists getting an icecream from McDonalds.

This time we are with the missionaries in Cyprus, here are some of their comments. " We look at everything through a lens-that lens is attitude." " My desire is pure" "Allow spirit to speak to spirit" " You will never see the benefits of living worthily without living worthily" "We are not here to blend in".

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