Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 2nd - letter home

So for this week, my life got interesting. I moved an apartment, finalized the transfers that started yesterday, then began the nightmare of trying to organize how to move everyone. Basically I spent all of yesterday driving from one place to the next. We also had New Years. We got to watch Forever Strong. Its a rugby movie that takes place in a high school and Juvenile center in Utah. It has a good gospel message. It was a nice moment to relax. Then back to 100mph. Sadly, after all my planning, the curse of humanity set in and free agency took place. A couple missionaries decided not to get on a plane because they thought it was going to the wrong place and the senior couple decided not to instruct them correctly so they missed their flight. But we got it fixed and its all good now. Too much stress. Anyways, then on Sunday it was decided for me that I will drive to Thessaloniki on Thursday. Then drive back and fly to Cyprus so life is an adventure.

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