Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Letter to parents from Pres Charles

Our Dear Parents,

Our major reason for writing this letter is to thank you for giving us stewardship over your children, our wonderful missionaries, whilst we all serve in the Greece Athens Mission.

This mission is generally accepted as one of the most challenging in the world and yet all we can see is missionaries united in a great cause, willing to accept the disappointment of being turned away by children of God who once accepted the plan in a pre-earth life existence.

These same missionaries continue, day after day, week after week, to stand up and be counted. They bear testimony of how much they love the Greek and Cypriot people despite, at best, the indifferent attitude demonstrated by these people.

Your children are walking miracles and as a result of this mission, they are preparing to walk back into the presence of the Father through their faith, obedience and works.

We are constantly in awe of these youngsters and what they have taught us. Thank you for allowing them to serve and thank you for your example which they have quite obviously taken from you. Know that we love them and that they are in safe hands on the Lord’s errand.

With our best wishes this Christmas season.

With love, thanks and appreciation,
President and Sister Charles
Greece Athens Mission

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