Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

This week, I would like to talk about sacrifice. This week we have been preparing our 10 hours worth of presentations for the upcoming weeks. In deciding what we wanted to talk about we came across the subject of sacrifice. We started talking about it and decided that is what we needed to do. It is amazing the idea of giving all that you can to move forward the work of the Lord or even putting 100% into anything that you do. We relate it to the idea of tithing. You wouldn't pay 95 cents of the $1 you owe because you know it isn't an honest tithe. But at the same time you wouldn't buy a door with out a handle or a car with a wheel missing either. So why would we waste our potential on just giving 95%? Giving all that you can comes with a promise, and that is that the Lord will make up the rest. I know that is true. In our mission we were one of the lowest baptizing in the world. Some missionaries were going home without helping a single person into the gospel. But over the last six months we have changed that. We now have companionships baptizing 3 times a month. That is because they set higher standards and gave a whole 100% to the work. The Lord surely has made up the rest. The people haven't changed. The country hasn't changed. Nothing has changed except the missionaries and how much they were willing to give of themselves.

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