Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 1st, 2011

This week I had a pretty funny week. But it taught me about perseverance and thinking outside the box. So in the office this week we discovered a new friend. This new friend had taken up living in the garage. We aren't sure how long he had been living there but it had been a few days. Our friend was Mr Whiskers. Mr. Whiskers had been living in the garage where we keep all the missionaries extra luggage and belongings. There he decided to take up my companions bag as a litter box. He destroyed some ties and a book or two and some other stuff. When this was discovered, we knew that we were going to get to be the lucky ones to take care of the job. So we went to work. We found him to be hiding beneath a large stack of furniture that belonged to the land lady. It was too big to move and there were cars in the way. So we took sticks and started banging them around to try and scare him out. No luck. So we went with plan B, gas him out. A can of bug repellent later and still no luck to get him out. Well, then we began to think. We have a cat trapped in our garage how will we get him out of there. So we sat down and started brainstorming over some snacks and that's when it hit us. He is probably pretty hungry. We will lure him out with food. Now you cant just open the garage door and set out a plate and hope he runs to it. Mainly because every stray cat in the city would also come running to it. So we needed to get him into the hall way. SO we rigged a trap with my expert knot tying skills. It was a string attached to the door to the garage in the hall way. they we placed some food in the garage and some food in the hall way where we could see him come to eat it. (Picture 1) then we waited. for hours we waited. just holding the string. Then about one minute before bed time my companion sees two shiny little eyes at the end of the hall way. he give a big yank to the string and the door crashed closed. The cat was in the hall way. So now we had to catch him. so we grabbed a blanket to throw over him and set off. When we found him and were about to grab the cornered cat of course he took off like a rocket and got past us. Then we realized that our apartment door was open and that was where he was headed. We found him in our bathroom clinging to a window screen. After a few scratches my companion wrangled him and stopped for a photo op. (picture 2) We were quite proud of our accomplishment. And then we released him and told him never to come back.

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