Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April 13th

This week, has been a really great week. We have been super busy with presentations, painting our apartment and then traveling all over Cyprus for exchanges. But we have had the chance to teach so many lessons. I think on Sunday we taught like 10 lessons. It is amazing. I also got to see Ron in Pafos. He is doing great. He is loving Church and is in the Branch Presidency now. He has come a long way from almost a year ago. But it is like the Sons of Mosiah in the book of Alma that rejoiced when after their missions they saw each other and found that they were all still faithful in the gospel. I had the privilege to feel of that joy when I saw Ron the other day and it was sweet. I hope you all get a chance to know that feeling someday in your lives. There is no greater joy found than in the work of the Lord.

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