Wednesday, May 4, 2011

March 14, 2011

As for my moment this week, we have been trying to increase faith in the mission by showing that higher expectations leads to greater results. There are several things that have been coined as "unreachable" or only a few ever accomplish them. So we have set out to raise the bar. Monday I raised the bar in one of these areas. As a mission tradition we took the elders who hadn't gone yet to the gyro place where you get the gyro the size of your head. After finishing my giant gyro, one of the missionaries brought up that no one can finish a second one. One of the new missionaries looked at me and gave me a smirk. Then issued the challenge that if I could do it he could do it. Well I never was good at backing down from a challenge. Especially one so tasty and delicious. So we ordered round two. He didn't know who he was up against. Shortly after we ordered ours another brave soul decided he too could attempt the feat. They arrived and I quickly went to work. So I may have done some mild taunting, but it was the funniest thing to watch the other two struggle with their gyros. I downed mine with relative ease. While the others were very sickly. Clearly they were not as seasoned as me. haha. But in the end they finished as well. But the moral of the story is never let anyone tell you it can not be done. Because it can. We will rise to our expectations. If we only see ourselves finishing the race we will finish. But if we see our selves winning the race then we have much better chances.

Per tradition, we went to Mars Hill. This is always a special moment as we read together and remember our great fellow missionary the Apostle Paul.

It has been wonderful getting to know Elder Jentzsch as he worked as one of the Assistants. He now moves to Cyprus to be a Zone Leader with Elder Loynes. They will be serving in Larnaca.

My new companion is Elder Stulen of Sweden. He is from the group after me. He is cool.

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