Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 9th - Back to the field

This week was my last week in the office. So I made it priority to finish all of my still unfinished tasks. Which I was able to do. But to be honest the work is never done. There is always something more we can do. And mine arrived Friday morning in the shape of 3 brand new computers. They arrived to replace the old ones we were using in the office. Well they arrived straight from the manufacturer with nothing on them. Which means someone got to install everything from the operating system to the programs. Now this isn't the quickest task but of course I went right to work. Sadly the disk that the church sent us with everything they want on the computer was broken. It was missing a few files and that made the whole thing refuse to work. So I had a very stressful weekend of trying to get them to work while still participating in the events we have for the missionaries going home. It was even more busy than I could have wanted. And then to finish off the weekend I had to get up at 4 am on Monday to go to the airport. It has been a long few days. But remember when you start to think that you have done all that you can, just wait a little bit and you'll find that there will always be more that you can do. It is especially true in the gospel. Just when we think that we have done all that we can its time to look back and find those things we still lack and improve them. We are saved by the grace and atonement of Christ only after we have done all that we can. Not after we have done all that we think we need to do.

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